Course Descriptions

Pre-School/ Pre-ballet & Tap introduces young children to the foundations of tap and ballet. White ballet slippers and tap shoes are required.

Ballet is an art form designed to teach beauty, grace and strength.  Class will include exercises at the barre and center floor work.  It is taught to classical music. Ballet slippers are required.

Tap focuses on the basics which are then turned into combinations.  Both rhythm and traditional tap will introduced. Tap shoes are required.

Jazz includes body isolations, basic jazz steps, leaps, and turns. 
Current music is often used with this class. Jazz shoes or ballet slippers are required.

Hip Hop teaches funky dance moves that may be used in social settings.  It is fun and aerobic. Sneakers not used outside are required. 

Battle Class/Break Dancing allows you to experience street dancing as it is in the big cities. Some floor work is involved. It is taught to Club Music. Sneakers not used outside are required.

*We sell tap shoes, ballet slippers, and dance apparel during studio hours at our studio. Leotards and tights are necessary to allow for a full range of movement.


*Students are required to purchase costumes for the end of the year performance. The whole year our dancers practice a unique routine during classes for them to perform on stage in the end of the year recital in May or June. Check back here later for the date and place of our recital!



Birthday Parties
Bring your child's birthday party to a studio for a one hour hip hop class!!!

Call or email for more information.

$100.00 class only.

$150.00 class and Birthday Party room.

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