City Dance Instructors

Michelle Hall-Lessard

Michelle Hall-Lessard is the director of City Dance. She received her B.A. degree in dance from the University Maryland/ College Park in 1991. She has studied dance for over 40 years in various forms including modern, tap, jazz, ballet, street funk, and West African dance. Michelle has studied with and performed the works of Ethel Butler (Martha Graham Dance Company member and principal teacher), Robert Dunn (Founder of Judson Dance and post-modern dance), Doug Varone (A New York City modern dance company), and Danny Buraczeski (Director of Jazzdance company). Michelle attended workshops at conferences of the American College Dance Festival Association (A.C.D.F.A.) regionally in Virginia and North Carolina and nationally in Texas. In addition, Michelle has received full scholarships to participate in the Bates Summer dance festival. Master classes have been under such respected artists as: Brenda Bufalino (Director of the American Tap Dance Orchestra in New York City) and Henry Le Tang (N.Y. choreographer of the Broadway Black and Blue and the movie Tap).





Bruce Tracy is a local favorite dance teacher and performer. He is known for his hip hop ability, as well as, his break dancing moves. He has taught numerous work shops and classes at local dance studios. Watch him for his locking and popping integration of funk moves and his unique approach to street dancing. He is currently on staff at Bates College.

Stephanie Hayes is thrilled to be returning to City Dance this fall. She was the owner/Director of Feet First Dance Studio in Gardiner. She has choreographed numerous pieces for competitions at local studios in Maine. Stephanie has a passion for all dance forms including jazz, funk, tap, and modern dance. She has danced most of her life right here in Maine!!

Buffie McLaskey is known for her entertaining and powerful hip hop choreography. It is fresh and unique! Buffie has been associated with several professional agencies and companies. She has performed with various artists including: Nina Sky, Def Jam Record, Black Street and the Roots. Her classes are fun, fast paced, and energetic!!!


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